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Global Partner in Critical Supply Chains

Answering the Call to Serve

An Immense Responsibility & Why We Able to Respond

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A Team with Mature Experience in Relevant Sectors and Geographies

Our team has 50 years' collective experience in global commercial supply chains across 3 continents.

Tracking supply chain dynamics and operational change, Protocol 6 and its partners built (and continue to build) preparedness in their networks across relevant sectors.

Rooted in our Integrity,
we are a Trusted Partner that never 

We have cultivated trust with our partners through honesty and transparency.

Too often, our clients and partners have recounted experiences with charlatans—the false promises, the facile analysis, and the fake sense of honor in business. We do not operate that way.


In fact, we have dutifully declined more potential clients than we have accepted. If we cannot be of service to a particular project, we are the first to say it, sparing prospective clients from the frustration that inevitably comes from vendors & advisors who lack transparency and honesty. 

Nimble and Fact-Driven Problem Solver that finds the unexpected, but effective, solution

Because we do not overpromise, our operational calculus always provides for unexpected challenge.

Our conservative approach means that when a challenge arises (as they often do), finding the solution is possible and achievable. We are a streamlined group of professionals with complementary sets of sophisticated skills and the experience to know how to use them.


Additional Information

Please note the following:

  • We are not accepting unsolicited offers of any kind.

  • We work exclusively with an established network, which we have vetted, worked with previously and therefore trust.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Protocol 6 seeking additional partners in critical supply chains?

No. While we appreciate your considering us as a partner, we continue to work only with our trusted network.

Given the current context, we have neither the time nor the inclination to undertake a detailed due diligence process to vet any potential partners.

Where does your expertise lie?

Our team's experience centers on global supply chains and commercial networks in critical sectors. We are therefore capable of bringing that experience to bear in answering the call to serve.


Please note. In relevant circumstances, we will of course provide all necessary information to establish our credential, trustworthiness and capacity to deliver. 


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